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Plumbing Essentials Glossary

Can’t take care of a dripping faucet? Don’t know where your water originates from, or perhaps where it goes?

Whatever you require to find out about your house pipes system we’re here to assist. We’ll help you please your plumbing desires by revealing to you the difference between straight-up times where you simply require to obtain a plumbing technician included.

Plumber’s service near me’ is BIG. They’re composed of plenty of different components that go in, as well as out of your residence so to aid you to recognise plainly we’ve placed this glossary at an early stage.

Have a browse, as well as familiarise yourself with what the different points are. 

  • Wastewater: This is any type of water that’s been utilised in a sink, bathroom, toilet, or shower. The idea remains in the name is it will pass throw a sort of waste before leaving your house.
  • Gravity Fed or aired vent system: Older style system including a cold-water storage tank in the loft, as well as hot water cylindrical tube somewhere else.
  • Combi central heating boiler system: Cold water is pumped with a mix boiler supplying on-demand warm water.
  • Unvented system: Essentially a vented system, however, without the freezer container in the loft.
  • Booster pump: These can be linked to your shower to boost stress, as well as performance.
  • Cold water tank: These are kept in your loft space normally, as well as maintain a large amount of water. Gravity then takes this water to outlets in your home.
  • Thermostatic mixer shower: Thermostatic showers maintain a constant, safe temperature everything else takes place in your home.
  • Water drainage system: This is the water system that removes any type of wastewater from your residence.
  • Water pressure: Pressure is the force with which water is pressed through pipelines.
  • Trap: These are developed to keep bad scents from the water drainage system coming back right into your house.
  • Clean-out: This is a quickly accessible part of pipework that your plumber can access.
  • Vent: This is where the air is drawn right into your home. Without them, wastewater wouldn’t stream properly.
  • Stop valve/stop faucet: The main turn-off for water entering your home.
  • Direct cylinder: This is warmed by electrical elements within the cylinder.
  • Indirect cylindrical tube: This is heated by a mixed boiler.
  • Cautioning pipeline or Overflow: This stops indirect system storage tanks from overflowing.

A Tip: Never neglect something that’s leaking

They’re typically brought on by busted seals, loose links, or blocked pipes, any of which you need to ignore. However, hey why are we informing you of this? It’s just a tiny damp patch, right? Incorrect. The majority of the pipework gets hidden away, as well as you have no suggestion how much-hidden harm that leak can be doing. We advise examining components, faucets, bathrooms, cooking area sinks, or even anything that uses water.


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