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ZTE Solutions for Boosting Business Development for Telecom Operators

ZTE is all set to unveil its latest suite of products and solutions at MWC24. The focus is on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business growth for telecom operators. The aim is to speed up the monetization of digital intelligence across diverse markets.

MWC24: ZTE uSmartNet – Truly Autonomous Network Solution

At MWC24, ZTE welcomes you to experience the future of network management with uSmartNet. This revolutionary solution integrates cutting-edge AI models and digital twin technology, redefining how networks are managed.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, ZTE has created a network that predicts and proactively addresses issues before they occur. This level of autonomy ensures unparalleled reliability and maximizes efficiency and performance. With uSmartNet, telecom operators can move away from reactive maintenance and focus on predictive optimization.

But uSmartNet isn’t just about efficiency. It also empowers network operators to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation by automating routine tasks. USmartNet optimizes network resources, minimizes downtime, and enhances user experience. It continuously analyzes network data and simulates potential scenarios through digital twins.

MWC24: ZTE Open Gateway and Intelligent Resource Orchestration

ZTE offers advanced solutions focused on Open Gateway and intelligent resource orchestration. These solutions help operators monetize traffic and improve user experience. The Open Gateway enables operators to integrate third-party services seamlessly, opening up new revenue streams. Intelligent resource orchestration optimizes network resources in real time, ensuring efficient allocation based on demand and traffic patterns.

Operators can deliver a superior user experience with minimal latency and consistent service quality by managing resources intelligently. ZTE’s solutions empower operators to monetize traffic more effectively and shape the future of telecommunications through innovation.

MWC24: ZTE Digital Construction Architecture for the Industrial Campus

ZTE has introduced a new Digital Construction Architecture designed explicitly for industrial campuses to expand 2B business opportunities for operators. This combines the “industrial private network + ZTE DigitalNebula” to bring a new era of connectivity.

The foundation is ZTE’s independently developed industry large models, which are engineered to empower smart factories. These leverage advanced AI algorithms and data analytics to optimize production processes, streamline operations, and enhance productivity.

The Digital Construction Architecture provides operators unprecedented visibility and control over their industrial networks. Thus enabling seamless integration, agile management, and rapid scalability. By utilizing the ZTE DigitalNebula platform, operators can unlock the full potential of their industrial assets, drive innovation, and remain competitive in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

ZTE has also integrated 5G and Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies, thus significantly advancing the Operational Technology (OT) domain. This has enabled the seamless integration of computing networks.

MWC24: ZTE 5G+XR Network Media Integrated Solution

ZTE pioneers the industry’s first 5G+XR Network Media Integrated Solution, empowering industrial and cultural tourism sectors with immersive metaverse applications. This groundbreaking solution opens up a world of possibilities for both industrial and commercial innovation. It revolutionizes how businesses engage with their audiences and deliver experiences.

MWC24: Expansion of 2H Business for Operators

ZTE offers operators innovative solutions to expand their 2H business opportunities. They prioritize improving user experiences by providing Wi-Fi 7 terminals and video services for seamless access to high-quality content.

ZTE also introduces the concept of a home media computing center and an end-to-end smart home ecosystem anchored by FTTR technology and voice control. These advancements empower operators to provide unparalleled connectivity, entertainment, and convenience to consumers.

ZTE’s presence at MWC24 promises a glimpse into the future of telecommunications and network management. With a focus on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business growth, ZTE introduces innovative solutions to speed up the monetization of digital intelligence across diverse markets.


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