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Ways to Secure Your Smartphone from Cyberattacks

There are several levels on which a smartphone can be attacked, and there could be any motivation behind it. These days, usually smartphones are attacked for several reasons. Some of them are data and identity theft, credit card information, mining of your cryptocurrency from your digital wallets, or just getting their hands on your personal information and blackmailing you for it. The possibilities and motivations are endless for hackers. 

Thinking that we might not be valuable victims would be a misstatement. If you have weak internet security on your smartphone and you are thinking you don’t have valuable data, you are making a mistake. Identity thieves don’t care about how common of a person you are, they will look for the easiest devices to hack and then steal whatever they get. Why would someone leave the easy and go for the more difficult task? 

Well, in this article we will discuss with you how you can secure your smartphone against cyberattacks, and stay as secure as you can. Let’s begin!

Ensure Network Security 

First of all, if your in-home network is not secure, there is no point. Network security and privacy are prerequisites for your phone’s security. If your network is visible and has no firewall and security, anyone can hack into the network and all the devices on that certain network will be vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

To ensure network security, make sure that your internet service comes with high network security. One such internet service provider that we know of is Grande communications. Grande internet comes with Eero Secure + which makes your in-home WiFi network super secure and private. It comes with a user-friendly smartphone app to control and monitor activity. 

The other security features are ad blocking, device and network activity monitoring, safe filtering, password manager, VPN, and antivirus for Mac & Windows. To know more about Grande internet’s features and service, simply check out this link

Well, if you are looking for a secure and speedy internet service, Grande internet is the solution for you. You can check out several internet plans and speed tiers and also buy the package online from

Turn on Two Factor Authentication

One thing that can be a lifesaver in terms of smartphone security is two-factor authentication turned on. Well, even if someone happens to hack your credentials, if you have two-factor authentication on, you will always be notified when a strange device is logging into your account. So, if you want to always get notifications for logins, turn on two-factor authentication. This might be a little inconvenient as you will always have to go through a double login, it will always save you from hacks.  

Keep Changing Passwords 

Another thing that is super important when it comes to securing your phones and accounts is to come up with complicated passwords. Because of laziness and finding an easy way out, we tend to have simpler, easy-to-remember passwords. When that is the case, the passwords are easy to decode which eventually makes the task easy for the hacker. 

Two things that you need to make sure of are that you should have super complicated passwords, and you should make it a habit to keep changing passwords every two or three months. You can never know how or when your passwords might get hacked. To avoid such grave inconveniences, one must make sure that they have strong passwords and that they keep changing those passwords. 

Do Not Connect to Open WiFi Networks 

As we discussed, network security is a prerequisite for your smartphone’s security. Well, similarly if you connect to an unsecured open network while on the go, you not only put your phone at risk but also all the other smartphones on your network. Make sure that you don’t connect to public WiFi, and even if you do, make sure that your phone has a VPN turned on so that it stays protected and anonymous. 

Encryption is necessary when you are connected to a public network because hackers use public networks as an easy hub to hack unsecured devices. 

Do Not Make Transactions on an Outside Network 

Another thing you need to make sure of while on a public network is to never make online transactions. You never know who might be trying to hack into your device. It just gets easy for them to get their hands on your digital wallets and your bank account details. 

Have Different IDs and Passwords for All Your Accounts

Similar to having complicated credentials and two-factor authentication turned on, you should never have the same ID and password for all your accounts. Make sure the credentials are entirely different than one another. 

If you keep the same ID and password for all your accounts and a hacker gets those credentials, he will try it on all your accounts, and then all your accounts will be hacked. You need to have different credentials so that even if one account is hacked, the other one stays safe. 

You also need to make sure that your accounts are not linked. If you link accounts for convenience, it will become convenient for the hacker as well and he will be able to hack all your accounts through one account. 

Only Download Authentic Digital Wallets 

Hackers often trick people into downloading the wrong apps by creating identical apps of digital wallets. When you download the app and enter your credentials on the wrong one, your credentials are hacked and the hacker uses those credentials to steal your money. Make sure whenever you are downloading a wallet, it is super authentic and not the identical wrong app. 

Install Anti-Virus 

Another thing you need to make sure of is to keep an antivirus on your smartphone at all times. An antivirus always alerts you of potential dangers, viruses, or break-ins. This adds an extra layer of security to your phone and you are always up to date on how secure your phone is on a scale of ten. 

Regularly Update Software

One thing that can save you from cyberattacks on your phone is updating your smartphone’s software on time. We often tend to delay software updates when we get notified on our phones. The best way to go about this is by turning on automatic updates, and if you don’t want to do that, just make it a habit to stop delaying it. 

When a smartphone introduces new software updates, it means the company has fixed loopholes in terms of security, and there are new security features that your phone must need. The world is evolving at a fast pace, and to stay up to date with new security standards, companies update their security features to make sure the users are the most secure. 

To Wrap It Up

You can never completely secure your devices because cybercriminals are more efficient than ever, and have several clever ways to hack people’s devices. As we discussed, there are many motivations behind such attacks, and we can never be completely sure. However, if you follow the above-mentioned cybersecurity tips and ways, you can secure your smartphone to a great extent. We hope this information was useful for you and helped you understand the risks of an unsecured device.


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