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Top Accounting Jobs in the Casino Industry

The casino industry generates so much revenue each year that accountants are in demand. The accounting department in a casino can be extensive. You typically need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or some related field to join an accounting department. Perhaps you never thought about an accounting career in the casino industry. Here you can find out more about the top accounting jobs in casinos. 

Accounting manager

An accounting manager in a casino oversees staff accountants. Recruiting accounting staff, delegating tasks and coming up with strategies is part of the job. An accounting manager supports other accounting staff and oversees annual performance reviews. Human relations and formulating business strategies are a large part of their daily practice.

Knowledge of accounting and gaming experience is optimal for this position. Some employers may want candidates with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate. 

Just like any land-based casino, a reputable web casino needs an accounting manager. The manager will ensure that monetary strategies are sound and ensure that casino and customer funds are safe. 

Staff accountant

Working in general accounting at a casino as an intern, you could progress to junior account and eventually become a staff accountant. Your responsibility would include tracking casino expenses and itemizing accounts payable and accounts receivable. Your duties may be more complex than other standard accounting jobs because you will work with higher cash flows and money that’s converted to chips.

Accounting analyst

Accounting analysts will perform various specialized duties associated with analyzing accounting transactions. They will look at past and current data to inform future actions. For example, they will look at reports to recommend how best to use resources. Those who work for crypto sportsbooks may analyze economic trends and market movements to make forecasts about what is likely to happen in the future. 

Procurement specialist

A procurement specialist is involved in many different processes, including supply chain management, evaluating suppliers and purchase orders, purchasing goods, and negotiating contracts. It requires understanding a casino’s goals and objectives, managing supplier relations, strong negotiation skills, and much more. 

Going to a university that offers the best degree in accounting may help you to secure a job as a procurement specialist. Most procurement specialists have at least a bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as supply chain management or economics. 


Controllers enforce rules and regulations and review work done by other accountants. They measure whether performance is compliant and take steps to enforce it where it’s lacking. Today’s casino controllers are going beyond ‘number crunching’. They help to minimize costs and improve efficiency for casinos. Their responsibilities may include profit planning, budgeting, tax control, and performance reporting. 


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