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Sports Crypto Sportsbooks Should Offer You

When cryptocurrency became popular in 2009, no one expected that crypto sportsbooks would become mainstream further down the line. Nonetheless, no one can deny the advantages that a Bitcoin sportsbook brings to the online betting scene. Using crypto sportsbooks offers privacy, a wider betting limit, faster withdrawal and deposit times, and a plethora of other benefits.

Although Bitcoin sportsbooks have been a wonderful innovation in the betting scene, some of these platforms falter in their game collection. Amateur bettors are unaware of the sports that a standard sportsbook is supposed to have, and some platforms take advantage of that. 

To prevent this from occurring again, this article will list some of the popular sports that all crypto sportsbooks should offer.

8 Sports That a Good Crypto Sportsbook Should Offer

Visiting a Bitcoin sportsbook offers advantages that eclipse whatever traditional sportsbooks can offer. When these advantages are paired with popular sports that offer high-value bets, the results are beyond comparison. 

So, we’ll be listing eight popular sports that a punter should see at any good crypto sportsbook.


Football is a sport that all Bitcoin sportsbooks should have on their roster, as it’s the most popular sport right now. This popularity also makes up the bulk of the reason why it’s deserving of first place on our list. 

The popularity of football has led to the creation of fans around the world. With this, the creation of numerous leagues and tournaments provides wonderful wagering opportunities. It doesn’t end there; this popularity also makes this sport some of the best odds at any crypto sportsbook.

Unlike other sports that are somewhat predictable, football is very unpredictable yet strategic in a twisted way. This weird combination is what makes lifelong fans, and it also produces great odds. So, even though the teams are very different, you’ll find that there are big bettors on both sides.

American Football

American football, or soccer, as Americans refer to it, is one of the most popular games in Europe. Although the popularity of this sport may not be worldwide, it still enjoys cult status in Europe. So, Bitcoin sportsbooks cannot miss such a sport, as betting opportunities are high.

American football offers some strategic yet intense action and also enjoys the benefit of having many fans. So, if you look into this sport on cryptocurrency sportsbooks, you’ll notice that it has some great odds. These odds can be explosive during popular tournaments like the Super Bowl


This sport is another popular option that can’t be found missing in any good Bitcoin sportsbooks. Although it’s still popular worldwide, basketball is another game that enjoys cult status in Europe. From college basketball games onward, there are lifelong fans of the various teams that grace the courts.

Basketball offers some of the best betting odds in crypto sportsbooks, as the game is fast. Winning or losing can be decided in seconds, and that adds to the excitement of most punters. The betting odds for this game are greater at tournaments and at National Basketball Association (NBA) games.


With a playing style that’s similar to baseball, cricket is one of the most popular games around right now. With this popularity comes a plethora of sports betting options. So, it’s one game that you don’t want to miss at Bitcoin sportsbooks. 

Compared to the other games on the list, cricket is more about strategy. Winning goes beyond the projected strength of competing games, so the excitement in this game is palpable. 

Since there are many cricket tournaments and numerous cricket games to choose from, crypto sportsbooks offer a variety of odds. As long as you can stand the long playing times, you’ll enjoy betting on cricket games at Bitcoin sportsbooks.

Horse Racing

Many punters believe that this is an odd game to see at crypto sportsbooks. That’s because horse racing is usually associated with high society. Such thinking belongs in the past, though, as the online casino network has made horse racing available to anyone.

So, if you’re a horse racing fan, you can wager on your favourite horse and its rider at Bitcoin sportsbooks. While this sport doesn’t get much publicity compared to other sports on this list, you shouldn’t look down on its odds. Horse racing offers great odds even when compared to popular sports. 


Boxing is one of the oldest sports out there, and it has defined the sports betting scene. So, this is one sport that all crypto sportsbooks should offer. 

Unlike other sports that you’ll find in Bitcoin sportsbooks, boxing doesn’t offer much in the way of winnings for most matches. Major events, though, are something else. Fights between well-known names such as Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua provide an excellent opportunity to get great odds.

Boxing fights usually come with massive promotions, with each team trying to one-up the other. If the promoters are good enough, the odds for that game at any crypto sportsbook can rise very high. 


Tennis is one of those games where draws are impossible, so it’s a popular option for Bitcoin sportsbooks. A game in this sport ends when there is a definite winner, so staking odds are straightforward. Regardless of whether it’s a one-on-one game or a two-on-two game, tennis offers many chances for winning at a crypto sportsbook.

This sport offers great live-streaming opportunities that come packed with awesome staking odds. These odds can become huge during large-scale tournaments like Wimbledon. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The UFC is a company that promotes and organises mixed martial arts fights. This company compiles a roster of the best male and female fighters worldwide and pits them against themselves. 

Although UFC is another fighting sport available at Bitcoin sportsbooks, its betting options are consistent. In contrast to boxing, where the best staking odds can only be found in large competitions, the UFC provides more consistency. Of course, the best odds are still found in huge tournaments or popular fights with huge promotions.


Crypto sportsbooks offer an awesome opportunity to earn more from your favourite sports. Nonetheless, some games are a constant at any good Bitcoin sportsbook, and this article enunciates that. Such games offer the best betting odds and the best punting excitement at any crypto sportsbook.


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