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5 Things To Know...

Do you want off-road tires that can be used on difficult terrain? You...

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How Can PPT Be Converted to PDF?

Various document formats frequently have various functions. For instance, Word is used for documents, but Excel is used for spreadsheets. On the other hand, the PPT is a presentation-specific file format. It is one of the most well-known file formats in the world, along with PDF. People use PPT for presentations at work and in schools where they must make a report. As a visual assistance, PPT is frequently used. Additionally, there’s a good possibility you’ve encountered or used this file type previously.

Even though PPT and PDF are two different file types, there are times when you’ll need to convert a Powerpoint presentation to a compressed PDF in order for others to read it independently. The three most popular methods for completing this work are by using Google Drive, Microsoft Powerpoint, and websites like Soda PDF. Each approach has benefits and drawbacks of its own. Check the word to pdf for free!

The first method is to use websites such as PDFBear

This article will first discuss using services like PDFBear to carry out the conversion of PPT to PDF. The majority of people are unaware of the existence of websites that let users interact with their PDF files. And that also entails converting them to another file type, like as PPT. One of these websites is PDFBear. Additionally, if necessary, you might utilise it to convert or edit your PDF file. Using PDFBear to convert PPT presentations to PDF documents is comparatively simple. In just a few minutes, even novice users could figure out how to use this website. Here are a few quick actions to do in order to use this website to convert PPT to PDF:

  1. The PPT file you want to convert must first be uploaded. Drag & drop the file onto the webpage, click or tap the “Select Files” option, or both to accomplish this.
  2. After that, you can wait a short while while the website begins to convert your file. A progress bar on the webpage displays the conversion’s progress.
  3. The websites allow you to edit the file after it has been uploaded.
  4. The converted file is now available for download on your computer or mobile device. As an alternative, you can decide to share the file via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Although this method for converting PPT to PDF is not the most well-known, it has a few benefits. To begin with, you can use this website on any browser on any computer or mobile device. It is quick and easy to use and supports PPTX files, as can be seen from the instructions.

The second method is to use Microsoft Powerpoint

By storing the file in PDF format, you can convert PPT to PDF using the second and more common technique. This might not appear like converting PPT to PDF, but it practically does. For those who don’t already know, Microsoft Powerpoint is the most widely used presentation-making programme available.

Although alternative programmes and applications like Google Sheets are becoming more and more popular, Powerpoint is still the most widely used programme for creating presentations. The process of converting PPT to PDF using Powerpoint is a little more difficult than the first option. The procedures might also change based on the kind of computer you are using. However, the most fundamental procedures for converting or saving PPT to PDF are as follows:

  1. Make the necessary changes to your PPT presentation if you already have one in Microsoft Powerpoint.
  2. Save your file by choosing File > Save As and then selecting the location.
  3. It will then pop up a window showing you where your presentation can be saved.
  4. If necessary, rename the file and then choose “PDF” in the Save As Type drop-down menu after you have chosen the folder to save your file.
  5. After making the necessary modifications to your file, click Save. Your saved file will now be available for opening in PDF format.

This benefit also has a few steps, but it is also rather simple to complete, especially if you have used Microsoft Powerpoint for a while. But you should only do this on a Windows computer because your options and capabilities will be constrained if you try to do it on a Mac or a mobile device.

Third Method: Upload PPT to Drive and download as PDF

And finally, Google Drive is a different workaround you might use to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file. To achieve this, upload the PPT file to Google Drive, open it, and download it as a PDF. Similar to the second approach, it may not appear as though any file conversion is taking place, but it nonetheless converts your file from one format to another. This approach is similarly simple to use. Here are a few steps you may take to use Google Drive to convert your PowerPoint to a PDF:

  1. Create a Google Drive account and upload your PPT presentation. If your file takes a while to upload, please be patient.
  2. Open your PPT using Google Sheets after you’ve uploaded your file.
  3. When you are ready to download your PDF, select File > Download > PDF document (.pdf) and make the necessary changes to your document.
  4. The converted file will then be downloaded to your computer or mobile device within a few minutes.

As the steps above demonstrate, this procedure can be completed quickly and simply. This method can be used by users of Google Drive and Google Sheets. This work can be completed using any browser on any computer, or you can download the Google Drive app and do it on an Android smartphone. This method’s one disadvantage is that you can’t utilise Drive to convert PPT to PDF until you have a Google account.


People convert their works to PDF so that others can read them later since PDF files protect the integrity of documents and do not allow the majority of alterations in this file format. They can open the PPT file without installing or using Microsoft Powerpoint by converting it to a PDF file. You can use a variety of methods to convert PPT to PDF. But why not try websites like Soda PDF if you need it done as quickly and conveniently as possible? On any device, at any time, you can convert PPT to PDF using this website.


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