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5 Brands with Inspo-Worthy Partnerships in 2023

According to a new State of Influencer Marketing Report, brands have been so successful with influencer partnerships the market is forecasted to be worth $21.1 billion in 2023. Whether a business works with its influencer of choice on a one-time campaign or nurtures a steady collaboration, a brand partnership is an excellent strategy to boost audience reach. Here are five brands that know the importance of solid partner connections. 

Fitbit + Tisha Alyn

Instagram: @tishaalyn

As a queer Asian American woman on the professional golf circuit, Tisha Alyn noticed the lack of representation in many elite sports and chose to do something about it. This inspired her to create an inclusive social media platform where other LGBTQIA+ athletes of diverse ethnicities might find community. Tisha’s content took off, amassing over 400K followers on Instagram alone. She also caught the eye of Fitbit, who has made her the face of many brand campaigns. Whether in front of the camera, at the golf course, or in the studio creating workout reels, there’s no shortage of fun collaborations between Tisha and this fitness tracker company.

SERVPRO + Brexton Busch 

Instagram: @brextonbusch

Six-year-old racecar driver Brexton Busch became one of the youngest sponsored athletes ever when he signed his first contract with SERVPRO in 2021. This historic collaboration has since accelerated as Brexton racks up even more wins in his promising career. As the son of NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch, racing is in Brexton’s DNA, so it was only a matter of time until brands took notice—but for Brexton, partnering with a sponsor came down to color palette. He wanted to race in orange and green, the two colors of SERVPRO’s logo. And it’s been a perfect branding match ever since, both on and off the track.  

Disney + Ailbhe and Izzy Keane

Instagram: @izzywheels

When Ailbhe Keane went off to earn a degree at the National College of Art and Design in her native Ireland, she created a collection of wheelchair covers for her sister Izzy who has Spina Bifida. After sharing a few of her creations online, the posts turned viral with millions of views, and Izzy Wheels escalated from a school project to a successful business. It’s generated so much buzz that Ailbhe and Izzy have partnered with Disney to launch a whimsical, colorful line of wheelchair covers featuring iconic Disney animation characters. Most recently, the sisters unveiled an Arielle design at the world premiere of The Little Mermaid. 

TUMI + Allen Claudius

Instagram: @bowtiesandbonesblog

Streetwear fashion influencer and sneaker enthusiast Allen Claudius is always on the move, so a collaboration between this Dubai-based creative and the suitcase brand TUMI makes sense. Whether exploring the trendy local hotspots or jetting off on summer travels, Allen partners with TUMI to show off the brand’s new versatile Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack. With his effortlessly relaxed and approachable vibe, he demonstrates how seamlessly this product launch fits into an active, modern lifestyle. That’s the mark of a successful partnership—leave the audience wanting their own TUMI backpack to hit the street with stylish ease.  

Afrotech + Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason

Instagram: @brownskinbrunchin

Longtime friends Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason co-own Brown Skin Brunchin, a community that helps Women of Color connect with each other and form business networks through brunch. This initiative has become a leader in the networking space, with locations in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and, most recently, London. Lillian and Melissa have built such a following that Brown Skin Brunchin served as the official entertainment partner of Afrotech’s annual global conference in 2022, with plans to continue this collaboration in 2023. 

Together, these companies are joining forces to create more diversity in tech.

Influencer Partnerships Are Game-Changers for Brands

If you’re inspired by these lucrative collaborations between influencers and the brands they partner with, utilize this marketing tactic for your business. It’s a simple way to form advantageous connections, raise brand awareness, increase your target audience base, and tap into new consumer markets that you might otherwise miss out on.  


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